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-Tim Meadows

After years of playing supporting roles, SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE veteran Tim Meadows finally makes the leap to the big screen with this outrageous comedy, based on a popular sketch from the television show. Meadows is the hysterically exaggerated Leon Phelps, a smooth-talking, lisping, sex-loving skirt chaser, whose every line is even more crass and politically incorrect than the one before it. Just when everything seems to be sailing along smoothly, Phelps is fired from his job as a radio talk show host for making inappropriate comments on the air. As he searches for a new job with his too-good-to-be-true producing partner Julie (Karyn Parsons), he receives a letter from a woman claiming he is her true love. The only problem is that he can’t figure out which of his many conquests she happens to be. By the time an angry mob of jealous husbands--led by the Greco-Roman wrestling Lance DeLune (Will Ferrell)--catches up with him, he has decided once and for all who he really wants. Meadows’s obvious affection for his character shines through in THE LADIES MAN, providing the film with a surprising amount of sweetness. In addition to many SNL regulars, Julianne Moore appears briefly as a horny clown with an insatiable appetite for The Ladies Man.

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